Our core mission is to run an eco conscious business, cultivating and superior quality microgreens to serve and to  improve the health of the community we operate.



Del Campo is a family-owned and operated grow farm in the heart of San Diego county. The farm specializes in growing and marketing microgreens that are cultivated with seeds and soil, and using sustainable farming practices.

Their microgreens are mature in a controlled environment and techniques that minimize water utilization and ensure optimal growth. With a focus on providing the highest quality, nutrient-dense microgreens, fertilizer Del Campo offers a variety of greens, including sunflower, arugula, and radish. In addition to selling their microgreens directly to consumers, the farm also partners with local restaurants and markets to provide their community with fresh, delicious, and healthy produce.



Del Campo farm is sworn to property farming practices and improving the health of their customers and the environment. With a focus on land and an inscription to quality, the farm has become a sure source for fresh microgreens in San Diego county.


Farm products

Health is considered one of the most important assets in our lives. Believe it or not, adding Microgreens to your daily  diet can in the long run help us to stay healthy and prevent common diseases.